Monday, May 21, 2012

Sad News to Mrs. W. W. (Alice) Potter, Lena, NY, 1913

[Postmarked] West Exeter, NY Sep 25, 191?,
[To] Mrs. W. W. Potter
Lena, NY
Sept 24, 1913

Dear Sister Alice,
Clarence died Sept 9.  Mother is better.  I guess the medicine you brot[?] her is helping her.  We have had a nice rain.  Hope you are well.  
Your sister, 
Beskia [Bertha?]


  1. Alice E. (b. Oct 1854 - 1937) married William W. Potter (b. Dec 1854 - 1928).

    The two sisters lived about 18 miles apart just west of Cooperstown, NY. I wasn't able to determine their maiden name.

  2. Ah, here we go, Alice Estella Barton, was born Oct. 25, 1854 in New Lisbon, Otsego Co., NY. Hmm... no sign of a sister. Alice's father, Stanton Barton, died in 1856. Her mother, Cena Louisa, remarried two more times and in the 1900 claims to mothered 5 living children.

    I still have no idea who Clarence was.

  3. Louisa married a Cushman...

    This census record is the missing link - you need to be a member of to see it.

    ...and this one --

    Sister Bertha Cashman (Cushman?) is listed with Mother Louisa in the household of William Bennett (who would become Louisa's 3d husband). Alice and Berta were 1/2 sisters.

    I don't think Clarence was a brother (but am not certain of that!) I'm thinking he was a neighbor or something.

  4. It's amazing you could untangle the relationships so well! Clarence could be an acquaintance or cousin. Someone both sisters knew, but that will probably remain a mystery.