Monday, May 7, 2012

To Miss Myrtle Larson, Nelson, Wisconsin, 1909

 [Postmarked Tell [?] Wis. Oct 8 1909

[To] Miss Myrtle Larson
Nelson, Wis.

R. No. 1 Box 28 c/o Amos Larson

Dear Myrtle
I will now send the postal I once promised you and hope to get one in return soon.  How are you?  I am well.  Got over alright to Gerties.  Annie went today.  Have just done my work.  Ans. Soon.
From Bertha Ness.


  1. I found Bertha Ness (b. Aug 1896) in Nelson, Buffalo, Wisconsin in 1900, 1910 and 1920. She was the daughter of John and Christina Ness.

    There is another Bertha Ness (b. Dec 1883) living in Mondovi,​ Buffalo,​ Wisconsin. Mondovi is 18 miles from Tell, whereas Nelson is mentioned on the card for Myrtle Larson, and is only 10 miles from Tell.

    Myrtle (spelled about 5 ways in the censuses), the daughter of Amos, b. Jun 1895 is to be found in Nelson, WI in the 1900 US census. shows them to be near neighbors with the Larson family at the top of this page and the Ness' family on the bottom of previous page.

    They look like neighbors and schoolmates. :)

  2. I love it when the address contains a "c/o," to help narrow down the possibilities.

    So, the girls would have been about 13-14 years old at the time this card was sent. Childhood friends.

    Thanks, Iggy!