Friday, July 19, 2013

A Christmas Greeting to Mary Oltz in Itaca, NY, 1911

[Postmarked] Dec 23, 1911 N.Y. [Town too light to read]

[To] Mrs. Mary Oltz
Ithaca, NY
R.F. D #5

Dear Mary:  Rec'd your card all O.K.  Where are you living now?  don't think I can come now until spring as I have been to Breesport for two weeks and can not afford to travel anymore.  Send you 2 cards while I was in Breesport but don't think you rec'd it.  I sent it to R. F. #6.  Merry Christmas to You Both. Hattie.

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  1. Mary C. Oltz was born 19 Jul 1891 in New York state, and died Mar 1974.

    I don't know who Hattie was - and was unable to determine Mary's maiden name.