Friday, June 22, 2012

Birthday Greeting to Mary Beemsnyder from Bessie Slough, Hinkletown, PA

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[To}  Miss Mary Beemsnyder
Lan. Co., PA
From Bessie Slough


  1. Ah, a pretty card and sent to someone in Lancaster County, PA. Hinkletown isn't even a "cross-roads" village (the intersection is a "T"!) outside of the town of Ephrata.

    This is Bessie's family -

    showing her to be 9 years old in 1920.

    I'm unable to determine who Mary "Beemsynder" was - I know of some ReifSnyders and suspect this is a variation of "Bean" and "Synder" in a hyphenated form.

  2. I think the name may be Reemsnyder. I can find a family with that name in the area.

  3. Yes, you're probably right about the surname being wrong. It almost looks like it could be Preemsnyder, but that doesn't sound quite right. Reemsnyder is a better possibility. Thanks for all the help with this, Iggy!