Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Little Poetry for Mrs. J.B. Snyder's Easter, 1922[?], Canton, Ohio

[Postmarked Canton, Ohio, April 11, 1922 [year not clear] 

[To] Mrs. J. B. Snyder
1251 - Logan Ave N. W. 

My Easter greeting 
isn't new.  I've 
used it almost yearly, and I 
mean it most
A Happy Easter to You and Yours

Pauline Roush

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  1. Pauline W Roush lived in various addresses on, including 1316 Logan Avenue in Canton, Ohio (various city directories in Ancestry.Com). Born Oct 1864 in Ohio, she married Edwin Roush. By 1920, she was widowed, and in the year this postcard was written, she would pass away on 17 Oct 1922. They had two sons, Leroy, and Edwin Jr. and a daughter Helen.

    There are two other Pauline Roush's that might have written this postcard - one born in 1909 to C. F. and Catherine Roush, and far less likely one born in 1918 to Ellsworth and Elizabeth Roush.

    I found this FindAGrave memorial intriguing, it implies a closeness between the two families:

    The best I can do with Mrs. J B Snyder is a Bessie J Snyder that lived at 1219 Logan Avenue in 1908 and at a huge variety of other addresses over the years. There is a J B Snyder, listed downtown - but I can't crack the "initials".