Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Will Stay Until Sunday, Miss Dollie Marshall, Whitehall, Michigan, 1907

[Postmarked from]  Muskegon, Michigan May 18 [1907] 6:30 pm
                               Rec'd May 18, 1907 8:00 pm

[To]  Miss Dollie Marshall,
Whitehall, Michigan

[On front]  So will stay until Sunday.


  1. I am unable to crack this one. I see references to a Miss Dolly Marshall flitting about Muskegon, but am unable to determine anything more.

  2. Thanks for giving it a shot, Iggy. She must be a slippery one!

  3. I do have a theory - but it will take someone with more skill than I have to determine if it is right or wrong.

    Dolly Marshall and Dooly R Marshall appear in Whitehall, Michigan city directories for a number of years (including 1906 and 1908 but there isn't one for 1907). She is listed as living with Han C Marshall. Hans C Marshall had (at least) three daughters - Adelia, "Lottie" (Charlotte) and Ruth. Ruth never appears in the city directories. I suspect, but can't prove that Dolly R(uth?) Marshall is Ruth Marshall.

  4. That's an intriguing (and plausible) worth investigating. Perhaps someone who is researching Marshall in Whitehall will read this and be able to tell us if Ruth went by the nickname Dolly. Thanks, Iggy!