Monday, September 3, 2012

Mrs. Hicks Reports on Health to Mrs. A Morrow, Rensselier, IN, 1916

[Postmarked] Remington, Ind. Apr 5 1916

[To]  Mrs A. Morrow,
Rensselier, Ind.

In care of Frank Morrow

Remington Apr. 5 1916

Dear Friend
I hope you are well.  I thought you was at Mauds but I seen Ezra a wee ago Sun & he said not.  Mrs. Ch. H. Peek had to leave her family & her mother Mon. Eve 7:30.  She suffer so continually.  Dr. Landon's very sick.  Aunt Sophie is well.  I am better but not strong.  I have the head-ache[?] so much.
Your friend, Mrs. A. Hicks


  1. Rensselier is the county seat of Jasper county and lies only a few miles north of Remington (located in the northwest corner of the state).

    Mrs. A Hicks appears to be Isabelle (b. Feb 1842), the wife of Andrew Hicks (b. Feb 1835). They had three daughters, Georgia, Laura, and Fannie, and two sons, William and Fred Arthur Hicks (who was a moving force in the town, b. May 1877).

    Charles H. Peek (Peck in the census) (b. 1864)is shown a 46 year old widow in 1920, living in Carpenter, Jasper, Indiana with a large family including mother-in-law Mary Tulman.

    Frank A.'s wife, Dora E Morrow (b. 1880) was the receipient of this pretty card.

  2. Charles Hodges Peck's find a grave memorial is most telling:

  3. I thought you might have fun with this one, Iggy. It's like a snapshot of that little town.

  4. Just for completeness sake - Dr. Hannibal Landon Find-A-Grave memorial ( shows he passed away less than a year later on Jan. 6, 1917 from "Asthma."

  5. Brings new meaning to the trite old saying, "No news is good news."