Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Year Wishes to the Gowan and Latimer Families, Brunswick, Georgia

[Postmarked] Westgate, Iowa, Dec. 26, 19[??]

[To] The C. B. Gowan and Latimer Families
Brunswick, Ga.

Thank you, friends for your good wishes and same to you.
-Hello, Geo!

The Leirers [Leisers?]

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  1. This postcard appears to have been sent by the John E. and Mabel Leiser family who had 8 children living with them in Westgage, Fayette, Iowa (in 1910-1915)

    It looks like it was adressed to either Clarence B. Gowan (a drug store manager, with a wife named Edna) or Dr. Charles B Gowan, a dentist.

    The are a number of Latimore and Lattimore entries, one is for Hattie Latimore who ran a boarding house.

    Go Geo? as in Goergia? or perhaps nearby Georgia Tech?