Monday, October 29, 2012

To Mrs. Tarlton and Uncle Edd Hastings, from Beulah Kaltenbach, Ohio, 1910

[Postmarked] Huron, Ohio, Sept 10 7 pm 1910

[To]  Mrs. Angelina Tarlton
Grafton, Ohio
RD #2
c/o Edd Hastings,
Lorain Co.

Huron O., R.D. 1

Dear Mrs Tarlton & Uncle Edd:

How are you all by this time haven't heard since I wrote last.  Am awful busy canning and pickling, guess I have about 90 cans this year.  Will you please tell me what you said you put in your maple syrup to keep it from sugaring?  Hope you are well & will hear from you very soon.  

Beulah Kaltenbach, Huron R.D. #1


  1. Anti-freeze? What would you put in maple syrup to keep it from sugaring? Now I must go find out.

  2. I've wonder if Christine and Beulah ever found out what the mystery ingredient was... :)

    I suspect it was either, water, corn syrup, or cream of tarter.