Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To Miss Selma Jahne, Hartford, Conn: Ella and Baby Are Sick

[Postmarked] 9 AM Conn. [rest unstamped]

[To] Miss Selma Jahne
25 Ward Place
Hartford, Conn.

I am all right now But Ella and baby are sick now.  The Dr. come up every  day.  I am very Thankful for the presant you sent me.  From Emma.

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Note from Grannie to Miss Jennette French, Franklin, New Hampshire, 1919

[Postmarked] Reed Ferry, N.H, Aug 30, 1919

[To] Miss Jennette French
Franklin, N.H.
60 Ralley St.

Dear Nettie received card and We are glad you are coming.  be sure and not dispoint us.  Come rain or shine let us know when you want us to come after you.  We are all well and hope to see you soon.
With love to all, Grannie.
Be here [on?] Wednesday.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Back on the Dear Old Farm, to Miss Ellen Mercy Hoyt, Derry, New Hampshire, 1917

[Postmarked] Melrose, Mass, June 21, 1917

[To] Miss Ellen Mercy Hoyt
Derry, N. H.
Care U. [M?] B. Hood R.F. D. Q.

Dear Ellen Mercy
I wish I could see you.  I think of you every day. Please give much
love to your Mother, and have a good time at the farm and do not be sick any more, With love from
Aunt Fanny

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

To Greet You is My Wish Abbie J. Jones: Rye Beach, New Hampshire, 1910+

[Postmarked] Lowell, Mass [date stamp unreadable]

[To] Mrs Abbie J. Jones
Rye Beach,  N.H.

Cousin Abbie, How do you all do I hope
you are [??] rich  I have been looking for 
a letter so long .  I am 
giving same in [??]
hope you will all have
a happy Christmas love 
to all, Cousin Jennie