Friday, August 2, 2013

To The Reverend & Mrs. J. Hulteen, Brockton, Mass, 1911, A Glad and Happy New Year from Signe

[Postmarked] Summit [WI?] Dec 27, 1911

[To] Rev. & Mrs. J. Hulteen
904 Main St.
Brockton, Mass.

Wishing you all happiness throughout this season.

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  1. The Lutheran minister, Julius and his wife Olga Hulteen (both from Sweden) did not stay in Brockton long, and apparently went where ever the Church needed them. In 1910, they were in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and in 1920, they were in Hartford Connecticut.

    The Augustana Journal ( page 6 of the August 13, 1910 edition announces their new address in Brockton)

    Julius died on 4 Mar 1966 in New Britain, Hartford, Connecticut at the age of 88 Years, having been born 30 May 1877. (he has a lovely gravestone)