Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Smile Awhile," Mrs. C. V. Hulbert of Nora Springs, IA, 1909

[Postmarked] Mason City, Iowa, Nov 5 1909

[To] Mrs. C. V. Hulbert
Nora Springs, Iowa

Dear Mama,
Pearl, Trude and myself will be home Sat. night.  I think, I will then bring home all that stuff that I was going to express.  Lovingly,
Millis H. [perhaps Millie]


  1. Such a charming sentiment! I really like that one!

    Mason City is about ten miles due west of Nora Springs, Iowa and is located in the north-central part of the state.

    I find the whole family mentioned here (assuming Edith P. is Pearl):

    Millie was about 22 years old about the time she wrote this card.

  2. Thanks for finding them, Iggy! Millie has such neat and even handwriting. I'm afraid my penmanship has suffered much since I hardly write anything by hand anymore.

  3. Mine is the same way. Embarrassing. :) shows Millie married a William James Daly in 1910. Sadly, William did not live long, passing away in 1918.

    Millie Mae herself, lived a long (and hopefully happy) life, passing away in 1980:

    She had (at least) two children - including William Hulbert Daly, born 31 Jul 1915 and Francis Dean Daly, born 06 Apr 1917 and predeceased Millie in 1977.