Monday, May 14, 2012

"A Swimming You Will Go," Miss Myrtle Wooster, North Liberty, IN, 1911

[Postmarked] Upper Sandusky, O., Mar 29, 1911

[To] Miss Myrtle Wooster
North Liberty,
Indiana  RR No. 1


Dear girl
I arieft [arrived] home all save and sound.  look out or in the water you will go a swimming.  Hope that you are keeping well.  Don't stay out all night when Charlie comes to see you.  From yours truly, LSR.


  1. I wonder if Myrtle Alexander (previous card) married a cousin... Another set of mystery initials... LSR... hmmm... and Charlie...

  2. Yes, and Wooster instead of Worster. Puzzling.

  3. I suspect she is not married and still Myrtle Alexander (the card says "Miss") but that the sender thought she was a Worster/Woorter (or perhaps she was formally adopted) and just mispelled it.

  4. Myrtle's "step-father's" first wife's last name was Rupert. I think LSR might be another "step-cousin".