Friday, May 4, 2012

There's No Mistaking It's From Ida: to Ray Reamer, 1908

[Postmarked] North Liberty, Ind. ?? 1908

[To] Mr Ray Reamer
North Liberty

Helloo Kido
I suppose you got home all ok.  Don't forget to write.  
Yours as B4
Ida May [possibly Ida Mays]


  1. Interesting to see the shorthand "B4" used in the days long before text messages! And she took the time to "decorate" the letters of his name.

    Ray A Reamer, born in Oct 1890, is found in North Liberty, St. Joseph, Indiana in the 1900 US census, a stepson of Charles West. Anna was his mother born in 1854.

    The postmark would suggest Ida May(s) was in town when she mailed the card. I see an "Ida L Mayes" listed in the 1910 US census living in nearby South Bend, Indiana, born in 1858. With the stepson thing, perhaps she is his aunt?

  2. My only disappointment with this card was that Ida painted her name over the lovely kitten illustration. I wish she added her name above, below or around it, but I guess she wasn't impressed by the artwork. I had the same thought about "B4." Funny she didn't write "don't 4get 2 write." I would have fallen off my chair had she done that!