Friday, May 11, 2012

To Friend Myrtle Alexander, North Liberty, IN, 1910

[Postmarked] Marquette, Mich, Aug 20th 8 p.m. 1910

[To]  Myrtle Alexander
North Liberty
c/o C.S. Worster

Aug. 21th, '10
Marquette, Mich

S.S. Harvard -
Friend Myrtle-
Received the card and letter all.  Q[?]H. was glad to hear from you once again.  But was sorry to hear that you think of going to the Bend this winter just because I am coming.  All the young people must go to work.  Too Bad, well good Bye.  Best Regards, B.H.W.

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  1. It looks like a steam boiler of some sorts in front of the drill derrick.

    I found Myrtle here: It appears her mother remarried - hence the c/o Charles S Worster which was confusing at first.

    I'm not sure what the S. S. Howard refers to, perhaps a steam ship on the Great Lakes help to deliver the mail?

    I suspect B H W is a Worster. I think a (half) cousin. I see a Bennie H Worster living in Northern Liberty, Indiana...