Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wishing You Good Luck and Lot of Girls, Herbert, Locke Mills, Maine, 1907-1915

[To] Herbert L. Allen
Locke Mills, Maine

Just a word of encouragement I am glad you have got a good job and hang to it.  How is your cold.  Better I hope.  When shall you come home again.  When you do come over how do you like your job  well but I wish you good luck lot of girls and other things.  Good Bye from Teliss [?].


  1. Interesting postcard. I did some digging and Locke Mills, Maine is near Greenwood, north of Norway (and Portland) in Oxford county. There are several Herbert L Allen's living in the region, one a lawyer born in 1884, working at as a laborer in a "Spool Mill" in 1910. He is a lodger there, so that might explain the "when will you come home" comment.

  2. Thanks Iggy, great digging! I thought the "lots of girls" comment was pretty funny. I got the impression that the writer was someone fairly young, possibly a younger brother. Not sure about the name "Teliss."


    ...from the 1900 US census shows Herbert's next door neighbor was Teliss Thibodeau, a French Canadian name.

    1. Ha-ha, well I was waaaay off on Mr. Thibodeau's age! He was born in 1860 so definitely not a young boy. It's fantastic that you found him!