Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wafting a Happy Thought to Miss Jessie Lovle, York Beach, Maine, 1913

[Postmarked] Springfield Mass., Jul 9 1913
[second postmark] York Beach, maine Jul 10, 1913

[To] Miss Jessie Lovle,
York Beach, Maine

The Fairview House

Dear Cousin.  Clark has a cottage at the lake for us the 15 and he will be there also.  I think the ride would be a long one for Ollie.  He says every join seems so weak and he is so tired.  The warm days was hard for him.  He has a boy now to draw his cart for him.  Wo Halmay help some but the change is what he needs.  I trust it will help him.  I am glad you and Aunty K. can be there.  Love to you both -- Jennie [or Jessie?]

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