Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To Miss Selma Jahne, Hartford, Conn: Ella and Baby Are Sick

[Postmarked] 9 AM Conn. [rest unstamped]

[To] Miss Selma Jahne
25 Ward Place
Hartford, Conn.

I am all right now But Ella and baby are sick now.  The Dr. come up every  day.  I am very Thankful for the presant you sent me.  From Emma.


  1. Selma Vater nee Jahne (b. 6 Jun 1879 d. Sep 1971) came to the USA on 28 May 1884 at the age of 5 years old with her parents from Giessmannsdorf, Sachsen (Saxony) on the ship "Rhaetia" of the Hamburg-Amerikanische Line.

    I think Emma is Emily Yahne, her sister-in-law, married to her brother Herman T. Yahne. They had a daughter named Ella L. born 31 May 1908 and died Jun 1979. So she recovered from her illness (whew!) and later married a Mr. Oleary.

  2. I get an uneasy feeling when reading that someone's "sick" in these postcards. Especially during the influenza epidemics. I'm glad to hear Ella made it through okay. I hope the baby did, too. Great research, Iggy!

  3. Yes, I get uneasy too.

    Ella had three "little siblings," any of which might of been "the baby" in the postcard.

    The 1930 US Census lists:
    Hattie M Yahne 18
    Louise E Yahne 15
    Ernest W Yahne 9 I would assume, given the use of "baby," the postcard predates 1930 or that the term means the "youngest one" (at the time of the writing).

    Hattie, appears to have died on 31 Aug 1950 at the age of 39 (but I am uncertain of this record).
    Louise E. Church (nee Jahne) died on 27 Sep 1992 at the age of 77.
    Ernest died on 10 Jun 1971 at the age of 50.