Monday, April 16, 2012

All the Joy: To Mrs. Andrew Slack, Stockton, New Jersey

[Postmarked] Philadelphia, May 16, 1916

[To] Mrs. Andrew Slack
New Jersey

From ?ill P. Bertha


  1. You certain have a colelction of lovely postcards!

    I see this one is mailed from my hometown on May 21, 1916. Mrs. Andrew Slack (there is only one Andrew Slack listed in the census for this town) first name was Lavinia, born May 1826!

  2. I love that name "Lavinia." I don't think I heard it or noticed it before the "Downton Abbey" series. Now I see it everywhere. Funny how that works! So Lavinia would have been 90 years old when she received this postcard. The May postmark matches your info, so it looks good that this was sent to her.

    Thanks for the info!