Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Miss Mabel Mearns of Calvert, Maryland: It's Your Birthday! Pre-1907

[To]  Miss Mable Mearns
Cecil Co.,


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! I've done a ton of research on the Mearns family!!

    "DR. JAMES ALFRED MEARNS, son of Levi R. and Amanda F. (Hilaman) Mearns, born May 21, 1851, died November 7, 1884. He was a resident of Rising Sun, Maryland, and married February 10, 1876, Helen England, daughter of Joseph T. and Mary A. England, born December 2, 1855, died April 1911. They had issue:

    1343. Iva Clifton Mearns, b. Oct. 10, 1877.
    1344. Mabel Mearns, b. Aug. 28, 1881."

    I don't know how Mabel is related to the Mearns that are in the album. I spent months trying to find descendents and didn't find one for "those Mearns". I took about 30 photos of various Mearns graves for Find A Grave. Goodness... what a shocker.

  2. Found my notes. Miss Mabel Mearns married Murray Jarvies Ewing and had a daughter named Helen. She remained in Calvert, Maryland until she died in 1973. She is buried with her father in Rosebank Cemetery, Calvert, Maryland.

    Mr. Murray Ewing was the editor of the county newspaper.

  3. Oooooh. That's one of those serendipity moments I was talking about over at Family Photo Reunion. How interesting! But how sad there doesn't seem to be any Mearns out there to claim the photos. I just love the one of the older woman in the daycap--such character!